Hey, I'm Stacy.

Stacy-McPhillips-Sitting Outside on Stepsi’ve worked in marketing for a long time (you can check out my linkedin page if you really need to know how long!) and across industries.  it was just time to start my own thing and do all the marketing things i love. 

my marketing passion is to help build brands into profitable and engaging small businesses that owners can feel pride in.  i think that has two phases. 

> building a strong foundational brand strategy.  with so many businesses to choose from, it’s important to understand how you are different and why people should choose you. 

> telling people about it.  once you have the foundation, tell the segment of the world that will care (aka marketing).  but you must tell the people in a way that makes sense and the way they want to hear it (aka “strategic” marketing).

so, this is what i do.  i help small businesses that are ready to grow build solid brand foundations and then develop marketing plans with activities to support their business goals.

stacy's strengths

according to cliftonstrengths results (aka strengthsfinder).  so, i didn’t like make them up or anything!


people exceptionally talented in the achiever theme work hard and possess a great deal of stamina. they take immense satisfaction in being busy and productive.


people exceptionally talented in the intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. they are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.


people exceptionally talented in the relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. they find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.


people exceptionally talented in the strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.


people exceptionally talented in the learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.

Stacy McPhillips & Family

oh… you wanted more personal stuff?  ok, i live in the columbus area of ohio.  i have a supportive husband and a daughter in college at the university of cincinnati.  i’m a ravenclaw.  i’m a feminist.  i live in hoodies or cardigans and jeans.  i am addicted to tv (yes, all of it, really).  i take hip-hop fitness classes at this place.  ghosts, zombies and spiders give me nightmares.

and… i may also have a small obsession with cute office supplies – hence “pencil point marketing.”

Three Yellow Dots_Page Separator_Pencil Point Marketing

a philosophy on pencils



early in my career, i used colored pens to take notes or fill in docs or whatever.  you know the ones – they have felt tips and were bright and pretty.  well, those suckers don’t erase.  and as you may know, things in marketing change quickly.  i was always rewriting stuff and it was infuriating.  i became a pencil loyalist. 


honestly, it’s who i am.  i really don’t believe things should be so set in stone. the world just doesn’t work that way.  they should be flexible – erasable.  it leaves opportunities for better ideas to be written in.  and to just erase the ones you realize were really bad.  it’s kinda a life philosophy.  

i have developed very specific pencil preferences over the years, though.  these are my go-to pencils. one of my worst fears is that they get discontinued (don’t do it, Zebra!).  i like low maintenance mechanical pencils.  i love these designs.  they erase well – which is uber important.  i’ll likely always have one on me.

Three Yellow Dots_Page Separator_Pencil Point Marketing


“the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

tom fishburne, marketoonist

amazing customer service is the BEST marketingmarketers always need to be advocates for the customer
marketing should build sales and engage customersbeing different is important
visual branding does matterbut, a logo is not a brand
social media holidays are not a marketing strategyalways be testing!
surprising and delighting customers is funsocial media is becoming more smoke and mirrors everyday
ew, banner adsmarket ethically & honestly (don’t buy email lists and no fake reviews)
people don’t read anymore (seriously, are you reading this?!)